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I am Arun Kumar(husband of Pt. Sushila). I am very satisfied after taking treatment at Nova. Dr. Reena Gupta and her staff is very caring. I wanted to say 'Thank you' to all of them.


My experience here was very good. Dr. Reena Gupta is very nice and kind in nature. We came back after a long time and we are very happy that we did. The staff at Nova is very supportive and everybody is very helpful. Dr. Reena has given us a pregnancy and we are very thankful to her. God bless everyone.


It was a beautiful experience with Nova. I thank Dr Reena and the staff for their support and care.


I had come for the 2nd time to Nova after getting pregnant with my first child from here. I am delighted to be a part of Nova again and would like to thank the amazing Dr. Reena Gupta who gave us happiness for our second baby this time. Nova has completed my family and I am thankful from bottom of my heart. Love you Nova Team.

Manpreet Kaur

Everything is good. The staff at Nova is very caring and good. Dr. Reena Gupta guided us at every step and gave us a positive result. We are so grateful to her for giving us this happy moment of our life. Besides the expertise, she is also very compassionate and supportive. Everything is explained really well at Nova. We recommend Nova and Dr. Reena Gupta for infertility treatments.

Arti Sharma

I am feeling so happy and Nova has been lucky for me. The staff at Nova is very friendly and caring. Dr. Reena Gupta is very experienced and she guided us well.

Seema Manchanda

I had treatment with Dr Reena Gupta. After multiple failed treatments I was hopeless. But she gave me a ray of hope. I conceived in first attempt and I am a mother of a baby boy. I am grateful to Dr Reena. She is not just a knowledgeable IVF specialist but also great human at heart.
Thank you Dr Reena !

Rekha V

After my first child , I had two ectopic pregnancies and both my tubes were removed. Dr Reena Gupta's name was suggested to me by one of my colleague. After our first meeting with her we were highly satisfied and we started the treatment in next very cycle. She explained us everything in detail at every step and made me comfortable throughout treatment . And I got positive result in my first embryo transfer. Right now I am 5 months pregnant and soon my family will be completed. Thanks to Dr Reena for all her efforts She is not just a good doctor but her way of treatment keeps you positive as well as comfortable through the process of ivf. Also she is always available for any queries over calls. She is the best IVF specialist one can have. Highly recommended ! The staff at nova is also very professional and friendly.

Nurooz Orooz

I was trying to conceive from last four years but for some reason I was not able to cocieve . Then I met with Dr Reena I had treatment with her and now finally I got a good news so I am very happy. Dr Reena is like God for me

Meaza Hirpesa

Me and my went to Nova ivf for infertility treatment. Dr Reena Gupta has been very helpful throughout this 4 months of journey. We planned to transfer single embryo. Thanks to Dr Reena Gupta and Nova Ivf, My wife was able to get pregnant in first cycle with single embryo transfer.

Tathagat Mishra

I was trying to conceive since last 6 years. I had multiple IUI and IVF failures at different centres of Delhi. I had become hopeless and depressed. Then I met Dr Reena Gupta. She showed us a ray of hope and the result is today I am a mother of little angel. She is the best IVF specialist . She is very knowledgeable, professional and on the top of it very friendly also. Ina friendly manner she explains everything so clearly that I was least stressed during my treatment with her. The staff at Nova is also very good. I would suggest all those couples who are facing difficulty in getting pregnant should come to Nova and consult Dr Reena Gupta. Thank you Dr Reena and Nova.

Tazeen Bano

After struggling with infertility for quite some time.with 2 iui and 2 failed ivf cycles I hv lost hope. Thn my sister suggested me Nova ivf and Dr. Reena gupta.After our frst meeting with her I got my confidence bk. She always had positive attitude and very calm and poised. She explained everything in detail and showed extreme patience through out the treatment. After my era test 2 embroy were transferred. And with God's blessings my result came positive. I can't forget tht day. And there was more happiness waiting as my scan was done. It came out tht I was pregnant with twins. We really thrilled. Through out my pregnancy Dr. Reena answered all my queries very patiently. She was always available on phone. Today I am mother of twins one baby boy and 1 baby girl. I can't thank Dr. Reena gupta enough. I will always be grateful to her for giving me these lovely gifts. Thank you so much. May you stay blessed always.

Seema Arya

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